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SZGene (SchizophreniaGene) - SZGene - Disclaimer
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General Disclaimer

While we have made every possible effort to correctly represent the data of all studies eligible for inclusion in this database, we cannot exclude the possibility that some studies are cited incorrectly or are erroneously excluded. We are not able to make any warranty, either expressed or implied, with respect to the functioning and accuracy of this database. No responsibility is assumed by the authors and curators.

Please contact us if you detect an error in the data or to submit general concerns, comments, and suggestions about the database. We encourage authors of original schizophrenia association studies either published or in press at a peer-reviewed scientific journal to send us your data.

Disclaimer for Meta-analysis Results

Please note that while the meta-analyses presented in this database take into account between-study heterogeneity, they do not directly consider potential confounding due to publication bias, i.e., that the outcome/significance of any particular study directly influences its probability of publication. While this issue is addressed to some extent by applying the "Venice criteria" of assessing nominally significant results (Methods), any summary OR presented in the meta-analysis section may be biased either upward or downward, depending on the publication probability for the particular gene or polymorphism.

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SZGene Stats
Studies: 1727
Genes: 1008
Polymorphisms: 8788
Meta-analyses: 287
An up-to-date collection of all published genetic association studies.
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